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Stick House


BMD Breeders

Since 2002

We have been involved in Bernese Mountain Dogs for 15 years.  We welcome getting to know you!

About Us

We pride ourselves on offering happy, home-raised puppies genetically selected with concern for health, longevity and adherence  to breed standard.  We look at every breeding as an opportunity to:

- Reduce risk of health issues.

- Maintain proper structure type and temperament.

- Improve overall breed soundness and quality.

We adhere to a selective placement process to find the best homes for our puppies, and encourage all families to come visit the litter at least once to get to know your new family member personally.  


We provide 24/7 support for new puppy owners and are happy to answer questions at any time during the life of your dog.

Focus on Breed Quality
Placement process
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