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BMD Breeders

Since 2002

The Process

As a breeder, we get multiple inquiries every day wanting to know more about our puppies, kennel, breeding practices, etc.  We do our best to answer each inquiry.  There are more people who want Berners than there are Berners available.  Therefore it is a process before we accept a deposit for a future puppy.  We always welcome scheduled visits for potential new owners to meet the dogs and get to know each other, but are open to phone/email discussions as well.  We are going to ask questions about your situation for raising a puppy and expect/welcome questions from you as well.   If everyone agrees to move forward at that point, a deposit and holding agreement (attached below) is required for placement on the waiting list.  As stated on the holding contract, the deposit is non-refundable, as this goes into genetic testing, the raising of the pups and care of the dogs.

Enrichment & Socialization

We employ a "socialization team" of people to help us raise our berner puppies. We invite families with young kids and older people to play and handle them so that they get used to meeting different kinds of people. We also follow Early Neurological Stimulation protocols, utilizing the following enrichment methods: Socialized with Children, Socialized with Elderly, Early Neurological Stimulation, and Touch DesensitizationWe also take great precautions to ensure biosecurity.

How soon could I expect a puppy?

If you have a particular timeline (i.e. "I want a summer puppy!"), you may end up dissapointed.  First and foremost, the wait list is based on order of deposit.  Those who committed to getting a puppy from us by placing a deposit will have priority.

We do our best to give an estimate of when we think we will have a puppy available for you.  This is based on many factors, some of which we have control over and some we don't.  Whether or not the female(s) become pregnant, how many pups are in the litter, and how many males/females, etc.  


Therefore, think of it as choosing a breeder, not a puppy.  We guarantee the wait is worth it!


Deposit/Sales Contracts

The deposit and sales contracts are available below. 

-   A deposit and a signed Holding Agreement are required to reserve a puppy.  Please contact us in advance so that we can meet, learn more about you and answer any questions you may have.


-  The Sales Contract is for review and due upon pickup of the puppy.

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