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Frequently Asked Questions

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Since 2002

Below are a list of common questions we get from prospective new owners:

Q:  How much does it cost to reserve a puppy?

A:  A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a puppy and is applied to the final purchase price.  Our puppies are sold as family dogs with AKC limited registration.  

Q:  Can our puppy play with other puppies or visit dog parks?

A:  Puppies need at least 3 shots of parvo vaccine before their immune systems are strong enough to interact with "unknown" dogs.  These shots are given every 4 weeks from pickup time.  We provide the first at 8 weeks before pickup.  The next two should be done on the 12th and 16th week.    

Many ask about bringing the puppy to family and close friends who also have dogs.  If you know that dog's owner keeps them up to date on vaccines, then there shouldn't be a problem.  At dog parks, you have no idea what other dogs there may be carrying.  Puppy  schools/classes are probably an exception, as they usually require some proof of vaccination.

Q:  What size crate should we get?

A:   Puppies will be 12-18 lbs when they go home.  A crate designed for a 30lb dog will allow for a period of growth before another is needed.  For those who have large-size  crates, block off  excess space and allow the pup only what is needed to lay down.  Puppies tend not to pee where they sleep, and if there is no extra space, they will house-break more effectively.

Q:  Will my puppy have been to the vet before I bring them home?

A:  Yes!  All puppies go to the vet at 8 weeks for the State of NH Health Certification.  The puppies will also have tested negative on a fecal analysis, and first round of shots.  

Q:  At what age should they be spay/neutered?

A:  This varies, but the latest recommendation is 1.5 years to take advantage of their hormones in the growth process.  Consult your vet.

Q:  Are Berners good with chidren?

A:  Absolutely!  Berners are the ideal family dog.  With proper training and socialization, you will have the best dog you've ever owned.

Q:  Do Berners like to swim?

A:  Most Berners who are introduced to water seem to enjoy it.  They are capable swimmers.

We have been involved in Bernese Mountain Dogs for 15 years.  We welcome getting to know you!

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